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Styles; Shabby, Cottage, Beach, Rose, Roses, French, Italian, Florentine, Chic, Florals, Flower Garden, Romantic. Art, Antique, Vintage Decorative Collectibles & Home Decor. Victorian, Art Deco to Retro, also items from our own private Cottage Decorating Collections!
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Cottage Kitchen Decor - Mixing Bowls, Pitchers, Utensils, Dishes, Tea Pots, Teacups, Cookie Jars, Enamelware, Platters, Depression Glass, Salt & Peppers, Glasses, Dinnerware, Flatware, Cook Books, & more
Antique, Vintage & Retro Tablecloths, Napkins, Lace, Handkerchiefs, Aprons, Barkcloth, Drapery, Curtains, Bedspreads, Linens, Towels, Doilies, Potholders & Trims.
Antique & Vintage Prints, Paintings, Mirrors, Frames & Wall Decor in Shabby, Cottage, Rose, Roses, French, Italian, Florentine, Chic, Florals, Flower Garden & Romantic Styles.
Kitchen: Pottery, Porcelain, Glassware, Woodenware, Dinnerware, Misc
Vintage Teapots
Vintage Teacups and Saucers
Trims, Lace, Linens,  Barkcloth, Fabric, Drapes, Textiles
Art, Paintings, Prints, Mirrors,
Frames, Wall Decor
Vintage Child's, Children's & Baby Nursery Decor & Collectibles - Dolls, Doll Clothing, Furniture & Accessories, Baby Christening Gowns, Blankets, Bonnets, Other Vintage Baby Items, Children's Play toys, Books, Pottery, Lamps. Antique & Vintage Jewelry - Gold, Sterling, Costume, Bakelite, Rhinestone, Lucite, Victorian, Art Deco To Present, Vintage Jewelry Boxes, Vintage Jewelry Dresser Boxes, Vintage Ring Boxes, Celluloid, Enamel etc.
Architectural, Cottage Garden, Vintage Potting Shed Decor - Primitives, Planters, Flower Pots, Watering Cans, Garden Tools, Wicker Baskets, Gardening Books.
Architectural & Garden Child's, Childrens & Baby Nursery Decor Estate Antique & Vintage Jewelry
Small Vintage Cottage Decor Furniture & Displays - Knic Knac Shelves, Cupboards, Cabinets, Childrens,Chairs, Tables, Stands, Etc. in  Shabby, Cottage, Beach, Carved, Roses, French, Italian, Florentine, Chic styles.
Tin, Tole, Trays, Silver, Hardware, Misc. Cottage Decor Metal, Metalware - Toleware, Tins, Tinware, Sterling, Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Pewter, Hardware & Misc. Metalware.
Special, Pottery, Glass, Porcelain - Pottery, Vases, Fine Porcelain, Limoges, China, Glass, Elegant Depression Glass  - in French, Italian, Roses, Romantic, Retro & Cottage styles.
Small Furniture, Shelving,
Cupboards, Displays
Tin, Hand Painted Tole & Toleware,
Silver  & Misc. Metalware
Special Pottery, Porcelain, Limoges, China, Glassware
Paper, Books, Records, Etc. - Books, Records, Music Sheets, Post Cards, Trade Cards, Holiday Cards, Wallpaper, Misc. Paper.
Nautical & Beach Cottage Decor - Seaside & Coastal Theme - Sandpails, Sand Toys, Ocean, Shoreline, Beach, Bathing Caps, Shell Art, Mermaids, Fish, Sailor, Sailboat, Lighthouse.  
Antique & Vintage Clothing & Accessories - Men's & Women's. Millinery, Hats, Evening Bags, Purses, Handbags, Pocketbooks, Coin/Change Purses, Wallets, Fans, Scarves, Gloves, Dresses, Coats, Jackets, Pants, Lingerie, Belts, Shoes & Boots, Hangers, Holders, Storage Boxes.
Nautical & Beach Cottage Theme
Paper, Misc. Books & Records
Vintage Clothing & Accessories
Antique & Vintage Sewing Items, Accessories - Sewing, Buttons, Pincushions, Tape Measures, Thimbles, Needle Cases, Sewing Baskets, Sewing Boxes,  etc...
Vintage Lamps, Lighting Fixtures & Lampshades - Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Lampshades, Cloth, Glass, Metal, Sconces, Chandeliers. Lamp Types: Porcelain, Metal, Ceramic, Crystal, Prisms.
Antique, Vintage Vanity & Dresser Accessories Bath/Boudoir Decor - Perfume Bottles, Vanity Trays, Jars, Ring Holders, Dresser Sets, Sachets, Mirrors; Tri-fold, Hand, Swivel. Combs, Brushes, Compacts, Powder Puffs, Dresser Trays,, Hatpin Holders, Tissue Holders, Boxes; Trinket, Powder, Tissue.
Buttons, Sewing Accessories
Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Shades
Bath & Boudoir Vanity Accessories
This Specific Page Is For Our Local Pick Up in Central Connecticut CT Items Larger Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Wall Mirrors, Pictures and Paintings,  Floor Lamps, Vintage Displays, Large Baskets, Plantstands, Hampers, Lot's & Larger Misc. Art & Collectibles That We Do Not Ship
Misc. Large Antiques and Collectibles
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